SUPER PLAST Floating Media

Fluidized Aeration Bed (FAB) / Moving Bio Bed Reactors (MBBR) systems are primarily dependent on the two factors that govern their performance - the efficiency of aeration and the efficiency & life of the floating media.

Advantages of Floating Media

SUPER PLAST offers significant advantages with its range of floating media

  • Smaller plant footprint: With a range of media varying from 250 m2/m3 upto 1000 m2/m3, MBBR plants based on SUPER PLAST media design occupy significantly smaller areas to treat equivalent sewage/effluent. This leads to saving of land as well as power costs

  • Longer Media life: The design of the SUPER PLAST media as well as the choice of plastic compounding gives the media a long life.

  • Stable treatment with minimum sludge generation: A high concentration of biomass remains in the reactor which helps in handling uncertain shock loads. In most cases, no recirculation is required.

  • Thorough mixing in the reactor: The low density of the media and the high void ratio helps the media stay in continuous movement in the reactor.

  • Easy upkeep and up gradation: The media can be easily cleaned and serviced with a jet wash. Older conventional systems can be easily upgraded with the addition of COOLFloat media


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