The performance of cooling tower greatly depends upon the water distribution over the fills. We have gained prominence as the Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of Super Plast PVC Nozzles.

The products given by us are designed to meet the client’s demand for operating different industrial applications. Our expert analysts check the PVC Nozzles on various quality parameters to ensure that only true panels are delivered to the customer.

SUPER PLAST PVC Nozzles distribute water evenly through a wide spray angle without any dry pockets. They are lightweight and reduce the frequency of clogging.

Solid Cone Square Pattern nozzles

The Solid Cone Square Pattern (SCSP) nozzles produce a solid cone spray of water that is distributed in a square pattern onto the fills. These nozzles can be used on new/existing pipe, which may be of MS, PP, PVC or AC pipes.

Our SCSP nozzles are provided with 2.5" BSP threads and can be conveniently assembled onto any adapter having 2.5" BSP threads using the easy thread locking. We manufacture adapters, suitable for assembling these nozzles, which may be inserted in AC pipes/PVC/PP Pipes.