COOLFill Bio Media (Trickling Filters)

Trickling filters are amongst the oldest attached growth treatment processes , were originally designed to reduce the ‘energy utilization’ of aerobic treatment systems. While older T.F. systems used rock and gravel as the media for attached growth, newer filters use plastic media. Trickling Filters based on plastic media such as the COOLFill Bio Media series provide a versatile and cost effective solution for the treatment of wastewater.

Modern Trickling Filters with Plastic Media consumes least amount of energy in comparison with any other treatment processes like activated sludge process, sequential batch reactors etc. It has been established most cases that the energy consumption is less than 50% in comparison with other process. The only energy requirement is to lift the wastewater to the top of the tower.


In this process microorganisms (helps to consume the biodegradable organic constituent from the wastewater) attach them self to media forming a thin layer. This process enhances concentration of microbial population inside the tower and helps in faster waste treatment.

The plastic media has given a new lease of life to trickling filters (also called biotowers) because of its lighter weight, longer life, availability , inertness, compactness, minimum to zero chocking, increase on the performance of the system in smaller footprint area and more importantly simple civil structure.

CoolFill Plastic Bio Media and trickling Filters

Older Trickling Filters could go up to amaximum of 2 meters because huge weight of the rock media, thus occupying larger footprint areas. The use of lightweight and high compressive strength structured plastic bio media made it possible to go up to 6 to 14m & reducing the footprint area.


  • Lower Energy Consumption, Trickling Filter consumes less than 50 % energy in comparison with conventional aerobic systems.

  • Takes Shock Load, High surface area of the media and subsequent maintained concentration of the microorganism in the system allows the system to take up frequent shock loads.

  • Natural Draft within the system eliminates the need for artificial air supply along with the elimination of return sludge pumps this reduces costs of mechanical maintenance.

  • Lesser Foot Print Area, Use of lightweight & load bearing structured media successfully increased the Tower height upto 6-10m.

Trickling Filters
Water Technology

Details of COOLFill Trickling Filter media

Details of COOLFill Trickling Filter media, depending upon process application viz, BOD removal, nitrification and type of effluent , levels of BOD & COD , nature of SS the COOOLFill series have been designed to suit every requirement.

COOLFill Trickling Filter media Models

Applications of Trickling Filters (BioTowers)

  • Municipal Wastewater/sewage.

  • Pulp & pare Mills

  • Chemical Industry, Food Processing

  • Sugar, distillery, Textiles, Agro Industry

  • Petrochemical & Refineries

Trickling Filters
Water Technology